Canadian Goldfish Sales: Healthy Fish Raised in the Rocky Mountains

Goldfish Available Now

Here are all the goldfish that are currently looking for their forever homes.

Maybe that's with you!

It's Amazing How Quickly Goldfish Babies Grow Up!

You're looking for cute, healthy, and happy goldfish. It just so happens that that's our specialty here!

Wondering where the latest batch of amazing fish came from?

The latest crew that are getting ready to leave to join your family are primarily a group of young yuan baos from a January 2018 hatching.

We put a lot of food into their tanks multiple times a day, and as you can see, within a half hour they have the tank absolutely spotless!

This is one of them as a 3 day old tiny baby fry:

Little baby goldfish fry from Arctic Lights Aquatics

Then a few weeks old:

Juvenile yuan bao from Arctic Lights Aquatics

Then cruising around at about a month old:


Their parents are a couple of two year old fish we raised here in Calgary as well. The sire is our Thai ranchu named Simba, and the dam is our Thai oranda Moana.

We've crossed this pair a half dozen times now, and their babies are always amazing and healthy. They're a cross that appeals to people that don't want a lot of wen (head growth), but want a LOT of color.

This is Moana, for those that haven't met her lately. She shows lovely tail carriage, a nice deep body, and even at over two years old shows no sign of loosing her black colouring.

Arctic Lights Aquatics Oranda Moana

This is Simba, who's an amazingly good sire for our line in general. We've crossed him with both orandas and ranchu, and each time we've been very happy with the results.

Arctic Lights Aquatics ranchu Simba sire

We only keep the very best fry from each crossing, and we'll have some single tail pond yuan baos and some double-tail tank yuan baos. 

As a quick note, the reason we call single tails "pond" fish is not necessarily because they'll grow bigger, but because single-tailed fish are quicker and able to swim faster. This helps them to avoid outdoor predators.

They can easily be kept in tanks as well, but just be aware that they'll get the majority of the food if kept with their double-tailed cousins.

Be the first to know when our Canadian-bred babies are ready to go to their new homes. They're starting to colour up, so it won't be long!

What Should I Look For When Buying a Goldfish?

Oddly enough, the most important way to choose the perfect goldfish for you is to find one that you love, enjoy watching, and that brings your joy everyday.

You absolutely need to understand what's involved in keeping a goldfish, but you're going to find water changes less of a hassle,  enjoy feeding more, and are more likely to keep the fish for a long time if you just happen to find them pretty.

    I Can't Choose! Can I See The Entire Catalog of Available Fish All Together?

    Of course!

    To see the complete listing of fish we have available, please click here.

    I Don't See Quite What I'm Looking For. Do You Have LionChus? What About Hyashi Ranchu? How About Panda Butterflies?

    I get it! Goldfish are like wonderful little underwater flowers, and once you realize what's available it can be easy to get excited about very specific varieties.

    At the moment, our breeding program focuses on:

    1. Thai side view ranchu
    2. Butterfly telescopes
    3. Japanese top view ranchu

    Occasionally we have spawns of:

    1. Thai orandas
    2. Yuan baos 
    3. Black and panda moors

    To see what's coming up soon, the best places to follow along are to:

    1. follow us on Instagram (click here)
    2. subscribe to our YouTube channel (click here)
    3. join our very private little Facebook group called Goldfish Geeks: Beyond the Pea dedicated to talking about something other than feeding peas and minimum tank size (lol, can be found here)
    4. and we're very active on The Goldfish Council's group as well.

    As examples of what we've had in the past, to see a listing of fish we've sent out into the world recently, please click here.

    Your Goldfish Are Wonderful, But Do You Have Anything Less Expensive?

    We don't carry what people might call "pet store" grade fish ourselves, so probably not, but as a service to the community we help people who are no longer able to care for their goldfish to find a home with new families.

    These fish are free to pick up from their current homes, and we provide details to let you get in touch with those families here: check the current adoption listings.

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