Working With Us (FAQs and Return Policy)

Getting Started With Arctic Lights Aquatics

Hi folks, and welcome to

Thanks so very much for choosing us! My name is Adam Till, and I'm one of the owners of Arctic Lights Aquatics alongside my wonderful wife Erica. We're a small business by choice — we work mainly evenings and some weekends, depending on our availability. Email us any time you have questions, or if you leave a voicemail we'll be sure to phone you back as soon as we can.

Before we get started, if you want to dive into any legal stuff you can read our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Agreement. You probably won't, but our lawyers asked us to mention it and they're super nice folks. Plus,by using the site you agree to abide by them, and that just helps us to make sure we're both on the same page. You've probably skipped this paragraph, but if not please shoot me a note telling my about your favorite goldfish...I love hearing about them!

Alrighty then, on with the questions about the fish stuff we sell!

I just found your store, and I'm a bit nervous about ordering from a new place. How do I know you're going to take care of me properly?

Though we're just a little family business, that lets us sneak under the radar and provide you with the quality, personalized service that's missing from the big names. That's the best way for us to make sure you get the kind of care that you and your tanks deserve.

Every store says that sort of thing though what makes you different?

We're fish folks too (#FishFam!), and we understand what it takes to maintain healthy fish, plants and ecosystems. As such, we only sell or recommend products that we would be be proud to use in our own tanks.

That said, don't take it from us. By all means do your research, and we're happy to provide references that you can contact to make sure we stand behind what we say. You can also read our social channels and reviews and you'll see that our customers are thrilled with what we're bringing to their tanks.

We totally understand that buying from an online vendor can be a little worrying at times, so if we can help in any way, please let us know by whatever means you feel most comfortable using. We look forward to working with you for years to come, so we'll make sure you feel comfortable with any concerns you may have.

Can I learn a bit more about you before ordering?

Sure can! You can learn more about us by checking out our About Us page here.

A Note on Availability

Though our passion is fish and aquariums, we're still a little ways away from this being our fulltime employment. Since Erica and I both still have day jobs, we do all of our work with Arctic Lights Aquatics outside of those core hours (I work days, and Erica usually works nights). As such, you'll probably find it easiest to get in touch with us outside of our normal work hours, but one or the other of us will often answer just due to our offset schedules. It also means that although we'll usually get your order out the same or next business day, there might be a slight delay between an email or phone call you send us and our response.

Like you, we also take some holidays off and try to spend at least some of the weekend relaxing (with various degrees of success!). Expect intermittent availability around most major holidays, September 14 (Erica and my anniversary), my birthday (December 6th), Erica's birthday (April 9th), Thanksgiving, Black Friday (we're packing orders, trust us!), Christmas Eve, Christmas and no availability during our posted vacaction periods (will be posted on the cart pages and to our email list).

Thanks again!

Let me know if you have any questions about fish, plants, Shopify (I'm a Shopify Partner FYI), business in general, or why you really need goldfish in your life.

Erica and Adam Till

Refund / Cancellation Policy - Digital Products

At we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all digitial download products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of your initial purchase and you’ll receive a full refund of your purchase amount. The only exclusion is if you attempt to download, rip, mirror or otherwise copy content from our members area for offline use. Anyone caught doing this will not be entitled to a refund.

For membership products with recurring billing, this guarantee is only available from the first 30 days of your membership. You will be rebilled on a monthly basis automatically.

Should you wish to request a refund, please contact us using the Contact Form on this website.

Refund Policy - Physical Products

Do you have an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section?

Yep! Here's a list of questions we've been asked recently for your reference (we'll add more as they come in):

How can I pay for my order?

We accept American Express, Apply Pay, VISA, Mastercard, and Paypal online, or American Express, VISA or Mastercard if you catch up in person at an event.

Is your website and shopping cart safe?

We work hard to make sure that our entire site is as secure as we can make it. To that end, all our pages are secured with SSL, which encrypts transactions and makes them as secure as we can get them. For full details, please refer to our privacy and terms of use policies. They're heavy reading (lawyers and all that...), but they detail the exact technology stack we use to keep your information secure to the best of our ability.

How do I make changes to my order after it's placed?

We're happy to help you make as many changes as you need to before shipping the order out, but because the website security is as tight as we can make it, that may mean we need to get you to reorder from your end (we can't add products to the order, for example). We can change address, shipping or sizes prior to us shipping your order, but that's about it.

On the off chance that you forget something and need to add a product, contact us, and we'll work something out on the shipping side (we'll always take care of you).

Are your website prices in Canadian dollars? Do they include tax?

Being proud Canadians, our website prices where applicable are listed in Canadian dollars. They don't include tax since not everyone who orders from us will have the same local tax rates or import fees (if ordering from overseas). Most pages also include a handy currency converter which should allow you to convert to any currency we currently support.

The item I ordered isn't damaged, but I just don't like it. How do I return an item purchased from the online store?

Any product marked as returnable in the item listing is eligable for return if we receive the item back at our store within 60 days.

For qualifying products, we only require that you return the item in it’s original packaging, in new condition, and pay a 10% restocking fee. When we receive the returned item, we'll send an invoice for the restocking fee. After that is paid, we'll refund the balance of the item cost for the order (we can't offer refunds on shipping cost unfortunately).

What is "new" condition?

To be eligible for a return, item(s) must be returned in new, un-used, unaltered, non-water damaged condition, with original product box and/or packaging, including all instructions/literature and original tags.

Are there any exceptions to your returns guarantee?

Unfortunately, item(s) marked final sale can not be returned for exchange, credit or refund. Likewise any live products or anything with a damaged security seal or expiry date cannot be accepted as returns either.

Arctive Lights Aquatics (a division of Horses Are Expensive Ltd) reserves the right to limit and/or deny any return in any exceptional circumstances.

I shipped you a return item, but I didn't pay for insurance or tracking and now it's lost or damaged. Will I still get a refund or replacement item?

Unfortunately, that's not usually something we can cover on our end. PLEASE make sure to spend the few dollars on insurance to make sure that the item will be covered in case something happens enroute.

We're happy to help you with any insurance claims, but we can't do too much if the item isn't trackable and insured.

My item is defective, how do I get a replacement?

Just contact us and we'll work with you to get a new one shipped out.

My item is under warranty and seems to have failed. How do I get coverage?

We'll work with you to get the item replaced if it meets the warranty conditions laid out by each manufacturer. Contact us and we'll help you see what those conditions might be.

Where do I ship return packages?

Right here:

Arctic Lights Aquatics
58 Cranford Common SE
Calgary, AB, Canada

Please drop us a line with a tracking number so we can be sure to connect with the package as soon as we can.

Unfortunately, we can't do very much if the package never arrives at our address, or does not arrive in new condition, and we won't be able to cover any lost items. Please be sure to purchase tracking and insurance to make sure this possibility is covered.

Do you ship outside the US and Canada?

Currently we're not set up to automatically fill international orders through our online store, but if you drop us a line we're move heaven and earth to see if we can work something out. Generally live products cannot be shipped outside of Canada.

Shipping Live Fish 

As shipping is very stressful for live fish, please be sure to watch parcel tracking very carefully. Shipping guarantees only cover live arrival, since we can not control your local water conditions or tank setup.

Live guarantees only apply if fish are picked up within 2 hours of arriving at your post office or place of delivery. We highly encourage the use of safe delivery addresses which are warm and protected from the elements in order to avoid temperature shock.

If your fish are dead on arrival, we require pictures of the dead fish still in the original shipping bag. Please email us at the contact information provided in the footer of this website within 2 hours of arrival at your local post office in order to claim the refund (as the fish are unique, replacement is not usually an option).


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