You're A Busy Modern Goldfish Owner Who Needs Information You Can Rely On

While goldfish are often sold to you as "beginner" fish by most pet stores, if you've ever tried to keep them yourself you probably learned quickly that there's a lot more to keeping them happy and healthy than you were led to believe.

We've been there. And that's why Arctic Lights Aquatics exists.

Here at Arctic Lights Aquatics we combine first-hand experience and knowledge to give you information you need to be successful with goldfish in the real world of busy lives and hectic schedules.

Unlike our competitors who seem to imply that they sprung fully-aware into the world without ever making a mistake, we have years of fish keeping and breeding experience to drawn upon and willingly share our own challenges and mistakes from the past.

Although there are lots of websites out there dedicated to providing you with information about goldfish care or to helping you choose the right products to use in your tanks, very few of them are written by people who handle a lot of goldfish on a regular basis.

As a result of not having a ton of first hand experience, most of their articles are based off information summarized from OTHER people who write articles about goldfish.

The result tends to be predictable.

Other websites are run by breeders or sellers who are happy to sell you a goldfish, and who handle a lot of fish on a regular basis, but who don't make the time to share the secrets of caring for them in a home aquarium rather than a huge breeder tank.

After the live arrival guarantee expires and you've exchanged a few emails, you're basically on your own until it comes time to buy again.

Thankfully, we not only know how you're feeling since we've been there ourselves, but we combine both the enthusiasm of the hobby writers AND the wide range of experience of people who breed goldfish for the public.

We will happily provide you with healthy fish born and raised in clear mountain water, but we'll also make sure that you'll be able to enjoy those fish for years to come (or care for the ones you already have).

Welcome to Arctic Lights Aquatics!

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About Us

We're Erica and Adam Till - two kooky, fish-crazy kids from Calgary.

Okay, we're not kids any more, but we are at heart I promise!

Erica Till

Along with years of changing water and watching young goldfish grow up into health adults, Erica is also a triple qualified biology ninja - if pressed she'll admit she has a degree, a diploma AND a certificate in her stash of credentials.

Along with her deep knowledge of biology Erica also brings a sense of style and fun to our team, and cares for fish on a level that most people couldn't quite reach to (ask her about the $750 vet bill for one of our $5 pet store fish when you meet her).

Erica Till, Owner of Arctic Lights Aquatics

Adam Till

Adam is the techy guy on the team, and (professionally) comes from worlds of tech and engineering.

He's the guy who keeps the website humming (blame him for the bugs!), deals with keeping the tanks plumbed in and water flowing, and puts pen to paper writing editorial articles.

Adam Till, Owner of Artic Lights Aquatics

We're also both proud board members of The Goldfish Council, and are working closely with our other team members there to further education of both the public and fellow breeders to ensure the continuation and growth of the goldfish hobby.

We are now two years old, we continue grow, add education and competition events. Part of the growth is growing the...

Posted by The Goldfish Council on Friday, May 4, 2018

Most recently, we participated in and helped out at the Goldfish Palooza down in San Jose, and even brought home fish to start new lines of Japanese top view ranchu and butterfly telescopes. Can't wait until next year!

The Clean-Up Crew for West Coast Goldfish Palooza II. A big thankyou to all the volunteers who helped set up, run and...

Posted by The Goldfish Council on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Why Did You Start Arctic Lights?

Our goal is to create both a quality source of healthy and happy goldfish in Canada and to provide  friendly and informative content to help goldfish and aquarium owners to take care of their charges.

We're here because we want to make a difference in the world of aquatics, in a nutshell.

Your friends,
Erica and Adam Till

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