Is Your Aquarium Water Clean For Your Goldfish? Do You Need Help Reading Your Water Test Parameters?

by Adam Till

Is Your Aquarium Water Killing Your Goldfish?

You've heard that you're supposed to be testing your goldfish's water in order to make sure their tank is healthy, and you bought a test kit or test strips.

It only took a quick read through the instructions to get nightmares of high school chemistry rushing back at you though - if you'd wanted to play mad chemist, you would be doing that for a living.

You've also read articles online, and though they sort of make sense, it would be really nice if someone would just tell you what YOUR exact numbers mean...right?

That's where I come in!

Let me help you decipher the riddles of of your water tests with just a few easy questions.

First, if you'd like explanations of why each test is important, I can give you those.

If you would just like to know what your exact results mean, I can do that too.

Adam Till
Adam Till


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